At meetings, we invite newcomers to ask for a temporary sponsor or the phone number of one or more other members, in order to help answer questions that the newcomer has and to guide them in this delicate stage.

A sponsor is usually another member in SA who is in stable sobriety and has worked the 12 Steps of SA.  Ideally a sponsor is not a coach, therapist or task-master.  A sponsor simply shares his or her experience, strength and hope with his or her sponsee in an effort to share, as an example, how the SA program has worked in their own life.   Sponsors work alongside sponsees to guide them through the 12 Steps of SA.

We recommend that newcomers find an SA member who they feel comfortable with and ask if they would be willing to be their temporary sponsor. A sponsor goes a very long way in helping us stay sober!

Temporary sponsorship has no definite term, but is usually expected to last 90 days, at which point both the sponsee and the sponsor can assess whether they would like to continue this connection.  There is no commitment.