How do people recover in Sexaholics Anonymous?

Sexaholics Anonymous recovery starts with stopping the particular sexual behaviour(s). After “getting sober” members follow a series of personal activities known as the Twelve Steps in order to recover. They are adapted from the original Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. These “Steps” involve: admitting there is a problem, seeking help, self-appraisal, confidential self-disclosure, making amends where harm has been done and working with other sexaholics who want to recover. Central to the programme is the idea of a “spiritual awakening” emphasising its practical value rather than its philosophical or metaphysical understanding.

There are no counsellors or therapists in Sexaholics Anonymous, members meet at regular “meetings” where people share their own experience, strength and hope in overcoming their addiction. Sexaholics Anonymous provides no vocational, legal, financial, psychiatric, medical or professional services.

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